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Over in the Arctic, Where the Cold Winds Blow

Winner of the 2009 Mom's Choice Gold Award
2009 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist
Winner of the 2008 IParenting Media Greatest Product Award

"Modeled after the traditional song "Over in the Meadow," this easily chanted rhyme introduces a variety of land and sea animals and birds found in the tundra. Standard number-recognition and counting concepts are augmented by additional ideas and vocabulary in the active text, which highlights the Arctic climate, animal habits and the proper names for the animals' young. "Over in the Arctic / Where some creatures migrate, /Lived a mother snow goose/ And her little goslings eight./'Honk,' said the mother./ 'We honk,' said the eight./So they honked and flew south/ Where some creatures migrate." Graceful, stylish cut-paper collages in a mixture of bright colors and patterns create icy backgrounds for each scene. Well-conceived extension ideas for curriculum and art connections follow a "hidden animal" game and a "Fact or Fiction" explanation about the rhyme's tundra environment. A value-added exploration of the Arctic for preschoolers and early elementary-age children." ---Kirkus

"Following Over in the Ocean (2004) and Over in the Jungle (2007, both Dawn), this latest spin on the familiar "Over in the Meadow" rhyme takes readers on another adventure. Each page highlights a different animal, including a polar bear and her cub, an Arctic hare and her leverets, and a wolf and his pups. The last verse tells of 10 "surprise" animals hiding in the previous pages and invites children to go back to the beginning for a closer read. An author's note gives more information about the Arctic tundra and explains that while most of the details in the book are factual, the number of babies each animal would have according to the rhyme is not accurate. Spreads feature chunky cut-paper collages in a cool palette. An artist's note explains the process for creating the illustrations. Other interesting back matter includes tips for extended activities and notes for the traditional "Over in the Meadow" tune with the altered Arctic lyrics. This book serves as a useful introduction to the area." -Julie Roach, Cambridge Public Library, MA ---School Library Journal

"Over in the Arctic Where the Cold Winds Blow" is an enchanting children's work showing and counting arctic creatures in lyrics set to the familiar tune, "Over in the Meadow." The beautiful cut paper full color illustrations contain little hidden secret creatures on each two page spread, in addition to the 10 theme creatures. To maximize its impact as a teaching tool, "Over in the Arctic" contains additional information about the Arctic tundra, hidden Arctic animals in the illustrations, and tips from the author and the illustrator. "Over in the Arctic" is a beautiful and informative children's book for ages 3-8 that uses multifaceted learning approaches, adaptable to many levels. ---Midwest Book Review

This counting book, cleverly illustrated by Jill Dubin, features Berkes' charming counting rhyme filled with interesting facts about animals of the Arctic. Included in each picture are hidden animals that will encourage readers to search the illustrations to learn more about the Arctic region. Both the author and the illustrator provide tips for using the book with children. Berkes includes several suggestions for extended activities, as well as a list of other print and web resources on arctic life. The final pages also include information about the Arctic Tundra, Hidden Arctic Animals, a brief paragraph about each of the Arctic animals in the rhyme, and the text put to the music of "Over in the Meadow," which can also be used to teach this counting exercise. Dubin offers information on her illustrative style for the book, which uses cut-paper illustrations to create beautifully-rendered examples of the animals and their Arctic habitat. This engaging book can be read, sung, or studied by individuals and groups as they learn how to count these amazing animals.---Children's Literature

Illustrator, Jill Dubin's website is:

It is always a thrill to receive students' thank- you notes, drawings, letters, banners, poems and sometimes even altered lyrics of my "Over" books. In April 2010 in New Port Richey, Florida, the school presented me with their version: "Over in Seven Springs Elementary School," complete with photographed illustrations of the various grades and activities. And in Plainfield, Illinois, a second-grade class at Lincoln Elementary wrote "Over at Lincoln", while a first grade class created "Over in the School" Poster. (see photo.)

E-mail me for reproducible bookmarks of some of the Arctic animals in this book!