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Over on a Desert: Somewhere in the World

Over on a Desert: Somewhere in the World
By Marianne Berkes
Illustrated by Jill Dubin
Deserts are full of surprises! An amazing array of animals calls this driest place on Earth their home. Through rhythm and rhyme, children meet a new animal on every page. They won’t be able to resist getting in on all the action as animal parents teach their babies how to live in this unusual place—camels kneel, armadillos dig, dingoes sniff, and jerboas jump. Cut paper collages capture the subtle beauty of the desert and also "hide" more animals for young eyes to find. Additional information, a world map, and tips from the author give parents and teachers all they need to make learning fun. One part song, one part story, and one part sheer delight!

ODES-P * Paper * $8.95 * ISBN 978-1-58469-630-8 * CASE QUAN: 50
ODES-H * Hard * $16.95 * ISBN 978-1-58469-629-2 * CASE QUAN: 25
Ages 3 to 8 * 32 pages * fully illustrated * 10” x 9”