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New & Noteworthy News!


Christmas came early this year! I received a package in the mail that was quite unexpected---the advance copy of my newest book, "Over on a Mountain, Somewhere in the World." It will not be released until February, so I wasn't expecting to see it this soon. I also didn't expect to see a review for it from Kirkus, which Dawn Publications sent me.. Here is how it starts out:

"Berkes continues her “Over in the Meadow”–based series of early science books with a look at animals that live in the mountains.
This diverse habitat can be found on every continent, and Berkes does a nice job of including at least one mountain range from each and identifying and mapping it on details that accompany the illustrations as well as on a large world map in the backmatter."

It continues on with some lovely comments about Jill Dubin's amazing cut-paper illustrations, and ends with this.

"And the backmatter adds significantly to the learning experience with paragraphs about mountain habitats, the featured animals and the bonus hidden animals. Author’s and illustrator’s notes give hints on how to extend the fun and learning and tell how the art was created.
What habitat is left for Berkes to explore? Readers and teachers will hope at least one."

The last sentence made me particularly happy, since there will be one more habitat book in 2016, rounding out the series to eight. Maybe you can guess which one, if you know all the others.

But I'm not going to tell you just yet. Let's climb all the mountains first!

To see the full review, click onto https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/marianne-berkes/over-on-a-mountain/

Hope you will look for the book in February. Here is a sneak peak of the cover on your right.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you in 2015!

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