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New & Noteworthy News!


Here in Florida many animals are on the move--some coming and some going! Not far from where I now live, hundreds of manatees have left the warm springs they migrate to every year for the winter and are journeying "home." Monarch butterflies coming from Mexico are landing on my penta flowers before they continue north, laying eggs on milkweed that will nourish the next generation that will make it all the way to Canada
And soon, loggerhead turtles will be laying eggs on our Florida beaches. The mystery is "how do these animals know where to go?" They don't have a GPS or maps. The wonder of it all is truly amazing!

Some years ago, I wrote "Going Home, The Mystery of Animal Migration" which is still going strong, especially in the spring and fall. If you'd like to order a paperback or hardcover copy from Amazon.com, just click on the cover. And you can also learn more about animal migration and download activities to use with my book on Carol Malnor's blog this month at www.Carolscommoncore.com.
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