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New & Noteworthy News!

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Did you know that February is also Bird Lover's Month? About 15 years ago I remember getting up "before the birds" as they say, and recording bird sounds as the marsh near my home came alive with the music of birds performing nature's symphony. I learned so much about birds as I did research for my book "Marsh Morning" published in 2003. It is still available on Amazon.com in a wonderful paperback version for $6.26 and a Library HC edition for $9.16, both published by Lerner. Enjoy the sounds of twelve different birds (I used a lot of onomatopoeia, which makes it a fun read) and Robert Noreika's stunnning watercolor illustrations.


My friend and Dawn Publications author, Carol Malnor has written some wonderful books about bird watching and in her blog for teachers and parents this week she writes about the "GBBC" and tells you how to involve students in counting birds on school grounds as well as in their own backyard. Check it out at:

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