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New & Noteworthy News!

Watch Out for the Gator!

In celebration of my newest release, The Swamp Where Gator Hides, Dawn Publications is offering five free copies to readers who e-mail Sandy@dawnpub.com with your name and address. Five winners will be chosen randomly and receive an autographed copy for your school or home library. Contest ends Feb. 12, so act NOW!

This book has already received a wonderful review in Kirkus Reviews

“This exploration of the creatures of the Florida Everglades is delivered in a familiar, cumulative House-that-Jack-Built style.
The swamp scene begins with a simple bit of algae and expands bit by bit as the clever verse grows to include a bobcat, a vole, an egret up high in a nest, a grazing deer, a rumbling bullfrog and a “snake / who slithers around / past the turtle / taking a snooze / ignoring the duck / who paddles in ooze / under the algae / that carpets the swamp / where gator hides.” Gator finally reveals himself as he makes a grab for a sunfish, who scoots away just in time. Poor Gator. “Who will he have for lunch today?” . . . Children will enjoy spotting the alligator hiding in each page spread and learning more about the swamp and its inhabitants through the notes that follow the story.
A pleasing introduction to the swamp appropriate for individual exploration or sharing with a group or class.”

Learn more about this fun-to-read book on the Dawn Publications website below. You can also buy the hardcover on Amazon.com right now for a great price. But Sandy is waiting to hear from you for your free copy. Good luck!


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