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New & Noteworthy News!


I love to check out Amazon.com from time to time to see how my books are doing, and the best part is to see what folks have written about them. Just had to share this wonderful review from an elementary school teacher about my latest book, "Over on a Mountain, Somewhere in the World." She shares some great ideas about how to use this book with students. Especially love the travel brochure suggestion. Read on:

"Kudos to Marianne Berkes for another fine book, “Over on a Mountain”, which true to form follows the traditional tune of “Over in the Meadow.” With rhythmic language, intriguing animals, and beautiful cut paper illustrations, the reader is soaring majestic heights of major mountain ranges on every continent. The reader is introduced to animals that are native to each range, while reinforcing terms such as habitat, nocturnal, and diurnal. On the simplest level, young readers can sing and act out what each animal does, locate the seven continents and look for hidden mountain animals. For older readers, “Over on a Mountain”, can be a springboard for research topics which can be as diverse as learning about chinchillas, studying the different mountain ranges and characteristics of each , investigating mountain climates, or creating travel brochures to each of the continents. The seventh book in the “Over Series” is truly majestic in appeal to teachers and elementary students. I will read it often in my school library."

So climb every mountain and happy travels!
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