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New & Noteworthy News!

Nothing Like the Real Thing!

With many campers --kids, parents, and environmental educators-- hiking in the woods this summer, I just had to share an awesome idea sent by Joan Robb of Florence, Massachusetts.

Joan and other volunteers planned a "walk with stories" at Fitzgerald Lake Conservation, using my book, "Over in the Forest, Come and Take a Peek". She sent some photos of this wonderful afternoon, so I asked her to tell me more about it. Here is what she wrote:

"The impetus for this idea was my love of nature and my love of storytelling. I am an avid environmentalist, activist in my community and I was thinking about getting more families on the band wagon as far as understanding the importance of maintaining natural habitats. If children learn to love their natural surroundings and get involved with nature that stays with them through adulthood. So, your story and our woods became a great marriage between literature and nature.

The opening event took place in the afternoon when wildlife was most likely at rest. However, the story walk will remain up through September and anybody can walk through there at ANY TIME. Fitzgerald Lake Conservation area is home to many animals including bears, beavers, deer, possums, skunks, raccoons, turtles, and unfortunately, a plethora of mosquitoes."

Can't tell you how thrilled I was that my book could make this kind of impact. They actually put each page of the book on different posts throughout the forest path where kids could read and explore. What better way for them to become "wildlife detectives" and discover the "real thing!"

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