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New & Noteworthy News!


Did you know that AASL (American Association of School Librarians) is celebrating its third annual PictureBook Month this November? What a perfect month to give thanks for the printed picture book!

While e-books and apps have their place in today's generation of readers, nothing can take the place of turning "real" pages of a picture book.

I have fond memories of reading to my daughter and more recently my grandkids, snuggling in bed after the busy activities of the day as we "climbed" into the magic of a picture book. They would slowly turn the pages, touching the pictures, reading the story that the illustrations brought to life. (The "feel" of the book and the size and shape can't be standardized into an electronic format.)

A large part of that magic is what happens off the page, talking and discovering. And if you think the child is the only one who benefits, think again. A picture book can be enjoyed at any age. The combination of art and text make it a unique reading experience as words and pictures come together in just that certain way.

For me, personally I'd like to give thanks this Picture Book Month to the ten talented picture book illustrators who have made my words come alive over these past 14 years, and to my publishers who have made it all possible.

As the holidays approach, one of the best presents you can give a child is a magical picture book that he/she can open again and again.


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