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New & Noteworthy News!


There are over 400 national parks all across the U.S.A. that belong to rich and poor alike-- for all time! Every state has at least one, so there may be one just a few hours away from where you live. You can search for a park near you at findyourpark.com.

Back in 1872 our nation's first national park, Yellowstone, was established by President Ulysses S. Grant. Then in 1916, the National Park Service was created to protect all the national treasures that had followed. For one hundred years we have enjoyed recreation, relaxation and a closer connection to our land. How lucky we are! This is indeed something to celebrate!

A friend who recently visited Yellowstone e-mailed me a photo she took of my "Over in the Forest" book in the gift shop. What a thrill it was to know that! I also just learned on Facebook that my "Anybody Home?" is being sold at Mammoth Cave Nationl Park in Kentucky. And I had the great pleasure of personally seeing my "Going Home" and "Over in the Arctic" in Alaska when I visited Denali National Park three years ago. (See photo). Wonder in what other national parks my nature books might be. If you see them in your travels this summer, I sure would love to know.

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