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New & Noteworthy News!


This week we aren't traveling to just one location--We're climbing mountains all over the world!

This diverse habitat can be found on every continent, so we're going to all of them to learn about mountain animals, and geography too, since on each page there is a map of each continent showing where each animal lives. Read about wombats, yaks, llamas and seventeen other mountain animals in Over on a Mountain, Somewhere in the World.

Jill Dubin's richly textured cut-paper illustrations make rocks look hard and animal fur look soft. This is the fifth in my "Over" series that Jill has illustrated and she never disappoints. The next and final habitat she is working on now is Over on the Grasslands, on an African Plain. to be released in Fall 2016.

So you'll have to wait until next year to go to Africa but I hope you have enjoyed traveling with me these last two months to the Ocean, Tropical Rainforest, Arctic, Australia, Forest, River and now Mountains through my books.

If you go to www.dawnpub.com, there are lots of downloable activities that go with this and all my "Over" books. Maybe you'll even want to create your own travel brochures about each continent. And let's hook up again next yearr and travel to Africa!


Click on the cover to see "Over on a Mountain" at Amazon.com.

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