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New & Noteworthy News!


Starting this week, I'm going to do something different from my monthly blog.
I'm writing one every week, and the reason is this. My books can be read by kids and parents wherever they are going this summer--to the shore, to the forest, to a mountain or to a river--and maybe even to Alaska or Australia.

So let's start out with campers--kids, parents and environmental educators--hiking in the woods. In my book "Over in the Forest, Come and Take a Peek," Jill Dubin's beautiful cut-paper illustrations are filled with soothing, woodsy colors and many textures that will inspire many an art project. in the book, readers follow the tracks of ten woodland animals as they count the babies and also search for ten additional hidden forest creatures.

At Fitzgerald Lake in Massachusetts environmentalists created a "story walk" using "Over in the Forest." They actually put each page of the book on different posts throughout a forest path where kids could read and explore. What better way for them to become "wildlife detectives," discovering the real thing as they read the pages in my book.

What a great idea! I hope you will check out other ideas for activities and curriculum extensions about forest animals on the Dawn Publications web site.

Have fun in the forest--but watch out for the skunk!!

P.S. Where do you think we'll be traveling to next week? Come back on July 6 to find out!
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