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Novelist, Charlaine Harris once said, "Here's to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy!"

It's costly to fly from Costa Rica, where we were last week, to Alaska, but that's where we can go if you read "Over in the Arctic, Where the Cold Winds Blow" illustrated in cut-paper art by Jill Dubin

Children can read about land and sea animals that have learned to adapt to very cold weather and long nights.

This is the third of my "Over" books and in "Arctic," I ask the reader to go back and find ten more Arctic animals, each one hidden in the ten spreads Jill so cleverly illustrated. It seemed a natural thing to do in a land where animals are camoflaged on a barren tundra and it's not near as colorful as an ocean reef or the rainforest.

So now, in addition to finding a father on the number 10 page, (seahorse in Ocean, howler monkey in Rainforest, and a father wolf in Arctic) I research even more animal habitats. But it's so much fun to do, since I'm always learning something new.

I hope you will have learned something new also after reading "Arctic" and that you will download the extended activities that go with this book. You will even find an experiment using ice water that shows how blubber keeps an animal warm. Might be a fun way to cool off on a hot summer night!


Click on the cover to see "Over in the Arctic" on Amazon.com

Since we're now flying all over the world, our "vacation" next week will be to the land down under!

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