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New & Noteworthy News!


Although Australia is called a continent because it's so big, it is also an island surrounded by vast areas of ocean. And, because of its isolation, most of the animals in Australia live ONLY in Australia.

When you read "Over in Australia, Animals Down Under" kids will want to hop, slurp, and munch as they imitate and count the animals.

From kangaroos to koalas to wombats, these marsupials are a fascinating bunch. They are a special kind of mammal in which the mothers give birth to their young and then carry their babies in a pouch until they are able to survive on their own. And the three marsupials I just mentioned aren't the only ones in my book. How many others do think there are?

But marsupials aren't the only unusual mammals. You have probably heard of a platypus. It's a monotreme, which is an animal that lays eggs. There is another monotreme in this book. Can you guess what it's called?

Like "Over in the Arctic," where we were last week, Jill Dubin's cut-paper illustrations will inspire many an art project. Her richly textured collages depict creatures in scenes that reflect their natural surroundings. There is even a map at the end of the book, so the reader can see approximately where on this amazing continent, the different animals live.

Booklist called my book " A great choice for classroom units on Australia.” But, I hope parents will also enjoy reading this fun book with kids. And once again, don't forget to look for a hidden animal on each page.

Click on the cover to see "Australia" on Amazon.com. Right now the paperback is selling for only $7.00!

P.S. So far we've been to the forest, the river, the ocean, the rainforest, the Arctic, and now Australia. Can you guess which of my "Over" books, we haven't talked about yet? We'll travel there next!
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