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I love visiting schools where vegetables are growing in school gardens, and the kids are actually eating them! What better way for kids to try fresh food than what they have grown themselves.

In "What's in the Garden?" children learn that good food doesn't begin in a box on a store shelf. It comes from a garden bursting with life, color, sounds, smells, sunshine, birds and bees. Cris Arbo's glorious illustrations depict gardens buzzing with life as kids enjoy the "fruits" of their labors. Kid-friendly recipes can be downloaded for each fruit or veggie I have written about to help begin a lifetime of healthy eating.

Click on the cover to order your copy from Amazon.com in time for spring planting.

And be sure to check out Carol Malnor's blog this week as she asks "What's in Your Garden?" She even includes one of the riddles in my book which goes like this:

Delicious, nutritious, what could it be?
In spring there are blossoms all over the tree.
Red, green, or yellow, with fruit that is round.
If you don’t pick it, it plops to the ground.

Get the answer and download fun learning activities at:

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