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New & Noteworthy News!


I'm doing a happy dance as I begin this new year. I started work on a book that I wasn't planning on writing. Thought "Over in the Grasslands, on An African Savanna" would be my last published "Over" book." Released a few months ago, "Grasslands" recently got a wonderful review in School Library Journal that ends: "This versatile picture book is great for learning about the African grassland environment while practicing counting skills."

Speaking of counting skills, in all eight of my "Over" habitat books there is always something else besides the animals that kids can count. In "Grasslands"musical gourds that the African people make and use are beautifully illustrated by Jill Dubin. Much to my surprise, in the community where I now live is a very talented couple who have created all kinds of gourd art over the years. In November they displayed some of their amazing gourd creations as I introduced my latest book.

So what habitat haven't I written about yet? Look for "Over in a Desert, Somewhere in the World" in 2018. As for this new year, there will be a release in March, but not an "Over" book. It's called "Baby on Board, How Animals Carry Their Young." More about that next month!


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