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2nd graders that performed the Readers' Theater

Did you know that Children's Book Week began 98 years ago? Franklin Matthews, librarian of The Boy Scouts of America believed that children's books and literacy were life-changers. So he created a special week in November that would promote higher standards in children's books. In 1944 this special week was taken over by the Children's Book Council; they have been promoting it ever since.

I still remember up until 2004, when I retired as a children's librarian, we would celebrate this special event in November. Little did I know back then that I'd still be celebrating it every year as a published author. (In 2008 it was moved to May)

This year I had the great pleasure of reading my latest book, "Baby on Board, How Animals Carry Their Young." with 2nd graders at Orange City Elementary. I use the word "with" and not "to" because the principal, Charles Bynum, asked second grade teachers to chose 15 students to read the book "to" me and the ninety 2nd graders in the audience, performing a Readers' Theater. There was some great interaction as together we celebrated a love of reading.

P.S. For free downloadable activities that go with my new book see:

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